Camp USA Road Trip: Peace River, River Ranch & Ginnie Springs

If driving is typically part of your vacation plans, then consider RV rentals in Fort Lauderdale when cementing your next travel itinerary. If vacationing by RV has never crossed your radar, here are three excellent reasons why you should pack up, climb aboard and begin an adventure out on the open road.

An RV Fulfills Several Vacation Needs

Motor homes are the ultimate all-in-one travel solutions. These portable traveling homes serve as a means of transportation. Whether traveling across Florida, or venturing on an epic journey to the other side of the country, an RV allows you to drive to your destination in comfort. Although you’ll plan ahead to determine where to park the vehicle upon arrival, you can’t beat the convenience of toting your own hotel room with you. Your sleeping quarters will always be nearby, and you’ll never have to wonder where your head will rest for the night.

Love Scenic Views? Then You’ll Love RVs

RVs have larger, wider windshields than most vehicles, allowing you to take in more of the view. If you enjoy road trips for the scenic drives, more of the glorious surroundings outside your windows are visible to you from the front seat of an RV. Choosing RV rentals in Fort Lauderdale allow you to enjoy a highly comfortable ride during long hauls as you sit up higher in an RV than in many other vehicles.

Lowered Expenses for Food and Overnight Stays

A huge perk to traveling by RV is the ability to lower the cost of your food and overnight lodging. Not only are you toting along your sleep space, but your vehicle is also likely to have at least a small kitchen area. Buying groceries and preparing your meals over constantly eating out quickly nets you savings. If you plan to park the RV at state parks or campgrounds, the cost of overnight parking will also likely be far less than footing the cost of a hotel room.

Look to CAMP USA for quality and reliable RV rentals in Fort Lauderdale. Contact them today at (954) 520-0075 to make a reservation and experience firsthand the fulfillment of traveling by RV. You can also fill out the online contact form and Camp USA will call you directly.