West Palm RV Consignments: An Alternative to Selling

Owning a recreational vehicle can mean a lot of fun family vacations, but it can also mean that you can spend a lot on seasonal storage. If you don’t use the RV as much as you would like to, you might think about selling, but then you wouldn’t be able to use it when you do have the time. Plus, you would only receive a one-time payment. Fortunately, there is an alternative to selling your RV that allows you to use it almost any time you want, and instead of spending money on your vehicle, it makes money for you. You can work with a West Palm RV consignments expert to rent out your RV for you.

How RV Rental Consignments Works

When you consign your RV to a rental company, it means that you make your vehicle available for vacationers to rent. You take care of some of the fees involved, including Coach Guard memberships, insurance, and maintenance cost. In return, the rental company takes care of storing and cleaning your vehicle (at no cost to you), checks the vehicle in and out to screened renters, inspects the RV for any damage, and splits the base rental profits evenly with you.

How West Palm RV Consignments Benefit You

Consigning your RV to a rental company offers you the following benefits:

  • A check every month containing your share of the base rental profits
  • FREE storage of your RV
  • Advance arrangements with the company to use your RV almost any time you want
  • Have the exterior and interior cleaned for you at no charge
  • Care for your vehicle as good or even better than what you would provide on your own

How To Get Started

West Palm RV consignments are mutually beneficial for you and the rental company alike. You enjoy the advantages of owning a recreational vehicle without the hassles, and the company increases its inventory to provide rentals as needed. If you’re interested in consigning your RV, or if you have further questions about it, you can call CAMP USA at (954) 520-0075 or contact us any time through our convenient online form.