If you’re itching to get to know Palm Coast, consider taking a trip in one of the many models and makes of South Florida RV rentals. Traveling in the comfort and style of your rental RV gives you the chance to make an easy getaway, and there’s no better destination than Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. Here’s a closer look at what to do and where to stay.

What To Do
Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzas River, the beachfront Washington Oaks Gardens State Park features formal gardens surrounding an ancient live oak. The gardens feature a glory of native and non-native plant species. Azaleas, birds of paradise, and camellias are just some of the species you can enjoy in this inspirational park.

Washington Oaks’ famed coquina rock formations on its Atlantic shoreline beckon beach lovers. From rock pool explorers to beachcombers and photographers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at their own pace. Bicycling, fishing and hiking are among the park visitors’ favorite activities, thanks to short trails and picnic and fishing areas.

Where To Stay
While camping is not available in Washington Oaks State Park, local places accommodate all makes and models of South Florida RV rentals. Nearby Faver-Dykes State Park is just 19 miles away, offering a variety of campsite amenities.

The waterfront Flagler by the Sea Campgrounds is another popular option, a 10-minute drive from Washington Oaks. The Campgrounds offers lots of amenities, including cable, WiFi, and a bathhouse with showers. Once you’ve settled in with your RV or spent the day at Washington Oaks, stroll onto the beach to relax, swim or enjoy some watersports.

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