Rent Out Your RV For Extra Cash with a Motorhome Consignment Program in South Florida

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled demand for South Florida motorhome rentals and made RV travel more popular than ever. During the pandemic, this transportation mode holds great appeal to those who want to live, travel, or take a vacation within their “bubble.” It provides them with a self-contained environment that lets them access the open road and the great outdoors. An RV consignment program like Camp USA’s meets the high demand for rentals and makes money for owners.

RV Rentals in High Demand

Individuals’ health and safety during the pandemic are two reasons why RV rentals are popular. Here are a few more compelling reasons for their high demand:

• Rental car shortages
• Self-contained travel for individuals or small groups
• Ample living space and storage
• Reduced lodging and dining expenses

Choice also plays into the high demand for South Florida RV rentals. Whether renters opt for a Class A or C unit, they have a great selection of makes, models, and features from which to choose.

Consignment Programs Benefit RV Owners

RV ownership is at a record level. According to industry experts, more than 11 million households own a motorhome. If you’re an owner that uses your RV infrequently or for a few weeks or months each year, you might like to consider joining a consignment program and cashing in on the benefits of RV consignment in South Florida.

Camp USA’s consignment program benefits are numerous and include the following:

• 50/50 split of revenues with owner
• Advance scheduling for owner’s use
• Cleaning of interiors and exteriors
• Emptying and sanitizing of holding tanks after each renter
• Marketing and sales
• Provision of bath towels, bed linens and kitchen utensils
• Renter screening, check-in and -out, and damages charges
• RV storage

If Camp USA’s RV consignment program piques your interest, learn more today. Contact Camp USA at 954-520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information and learn how you can benefit from Camp USA’s South Florida RV consignment program.