The Camp USA Consignment Perks

RVs offer families a wonderful way to see the state of Florida and beyond. If you are thinking about selling your current RV, consider consigning it with Camp USA. As a rental agent, our dealership helps you earn money from your RV while you still own it. Camp USA makes RV consignment in Fort Lauderdale a simple process.

Simple Rental Process

Renting your RV with Camp USA is a simple process. All renters are screened prior to approval. We handle all aspects of the rental process – paperwork, cleaning, marketing, damage charges, storage and sales. RVs are subject to routine maintenance to keep them in the best of shape. With a $1,500 security deposit, you can be sure that damages are covered. Smoking is not allowed on any of the coaches and subject to a $1,000 fine. All the extras are taken care of such as cleaning, fresh linens and towels.

Easy Revenue Process

Camp USA splits the rental revenues evenly with the owner of the RV. Rental times are maximized so you make the most of your RV consignment in Fort Lauderdale. Additional add-ons not related to your RV such as lawn chairs or outdoor grills are not subject to the 50/50 split. Insurance and maintenance costs are also the responsibility of the owner. Camp USA has a complete list of information on what you need to have in place before you consign your RV.

Schedule Your Own Trips

Since you are renting the RV, you are welcome to schedule your own trips with it. However, keep in mind that holidays typically bring in the most money for owners. Camp USA works with you to make the most money from renting while still being mindful of your own plans and vacations. With professional management, you can take advantage of the benefits of your consigned RV without having to lift a finger.

If you own an RV that is 5 years old or newer, or a diesel unit that is no older than 8 years, contact Camp USA today. Call (954) 520-0075 OR fill out the online contact form, and learn more about RV consignment in Fort Lauderdale. Someone may be looking for your RV right now!