4 Things To Consider When Choosing an RV For Your Next Trip

With an investment as substantial as an RV, it’s important to carry out proper maintenance to retain its value and keep it ready to hit the road. To ensure it remains in peak condition, heed this maintenance timeline so your RV is ready whenever you are.

Fire up your generator. Gasoline deteriorates after about a month, so it’s important to get the generator running for about two hours every month to move it through the system.
Inspect hoses, clamps and vents. Pop the hood and make sure everything is tight and secure, and look for any leaks or gaps that would need Broward County RV repairs to check.
Vacuum A/C vents. To keep the A/C in good condition, and circulating clean air on your next trip, keep the vents clean.
Top off your fluids. Inspect and top off coolant, engine, and transmission fluid levels, and always use distilled water to replace any evaporated water within your battery.
Test detectors. To test smoke and monoxide detectors, press the small buttons on the side. Replace the batteries if necessary.
Inspect for pests. Look inside, outside, and beneath the undercarriage for any hitchhikers.
Re-lubricate any slideouts if necessary. While adding lubricant, look for signs of rust as well.
Examine seals. Promptly replace or repair any broken or loose seals.

Look for signs of damage. If anything needs professional help, Camp USA offers first-rate RV repairs in Broward County.
Deep clean. It’s a good idea to get a professional detail, including carpet and upholstery steaming, pressure cleaning, and a wash and wax.
Check the water. To clean the water lines, pour four ounces of bleach into the tank and flush it through after 24 hours. Filters, if present, need to be replaced about every six months.
Change the oil. Oil changes should happen after about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Tune up the HVAC system. The heating and cooling system should be inspected and tuned up by a professional once per year.
Tend to the tires. Get them balanced, rotated, and replaced if needed.
Check the propane. Camp USA’s Broward RV repairs team can test and refill your propane system once every 5,000 miles or yearly–whichever comes first.
Service the brakes. Your brakes should be tested, tuned, and serviced by a professional to make sure they wear evenly.

Timely RV maintenance is important to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Contact Camp USA at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information on the Broward County RV repairs we offer.