RV Consignment in Fort Lauderdale: Better than a Good Idea

Owning a motorhome is a big responsibility, and while having adventure sitting in your driveway is exciting it can also be costly to maintain. On the other hand, letting your RV sit unused can cause a number of headaches. Here are a few reasons why choosing Camp USA’s Fort Lauderdale RV consignment service is the best alternative.

Idle Hands

An unused motorhome is essentially taking up space. Owners who don’t have the opportunity to utilize their home-on-wheels as often as they like will find a host of problems caused by leaving it sitting in storage or on their property. Like any vehicle, RVs are meant to be used.

Left without care, seals begin to dry out, oil pools up and rust forms on the exterior and interior. In addition, the damp, musty odor of an unused camper makes it extremely bothersome when you finally take it out on the road. This leaves you spending more time keeping up with maintenance for a motorhome you aren’t using.

Cause for Consignment

Instead of letting your RV waste away or become a burden, a better option is to let someone else take care of maintenance while you reap the benefits of its rental. Camp USA’s consignment program offers a wide range of advantages to RV owners who would like to rent out their recreational vehicle when it’s not in use, free of worry, including:

  • Renter screening
  • Basic vehicular maintenance
  • Elementary interior care
  • Smoking prohibition and fines
  • Post rental evaluation and care
  • Sanitization of holding tanks

In addition, Camp USA schedules rentals to maximize your monthly income. You also reserve the right to set aside time for personal use, ensuring your camper is ready whenever you need it. All you need to worry about is the specialized insurance, maintenance costs and Coach Guard membership!

Get the most out of your RV even when you aren’t sitting in the driver’s seat. For more information about Camp USA’s Fort Lauderdale RV Consignment program, call (954) 520-0075 today! You can also reach us using the online contact form.