Your Essential Guide to RV Consignment in Florida

Your motorhome provides limitless traveling freedom within the continental US, with the ability travel anywhere you can find a road, all while having most of your essentials with you at all times. It’s like a vacation home on wheels! It’s very common for many vacation homeowners to use their second properties as rental spaces for added income, and your RV can do the same for you.

Benefits of Renting Your RV

RV Consignment in Florida has a number of benefits, the most obvious one being the ability to earn an income when your motorhome is not in use. Those who finance their motor coach may find they will not need to pay much, if anything, out of their own pockets toward their monthly payment if they are regularly renting out their vehicle. Once the loan is paid and you own your RV outright, all rental earnings are yours to keep as a second income.

Camp USA’s Consignment Program

Camp USA Motorhome Rental offers a comprehensive Florida RV Consignment program that can help take the stress and uncertainty out of renting your vehicle by:

  • Screening renters: Camp USA is responsible for choosing low-risk renters and working with them to ensure they understand the contract and will abide by the rules for the protection of themselves and your RV
  • Marketing your coach: While you are welcome to advertise on behalf of your RV, Camp USA will also spread the word about your vehicle
  • Providing amenities: Camp USA will provide essential items such as towels, kitchen utensils, and bed linens

Owner Responsibilities

While much of the work is handled by Camp USA, owners will need to put in some work. You are responsible for insurance costs, maintenance costs, and Coach Guard Membership. You will also be asked to provide dates in advance on which you would like to use your RV, to ensure it is not rented out during your preferred times. For more information on RV Consignment in Florida, visit Camp USA’s website and fill out the online contact form. We can also be reached directly at (954) 520-0075.