Keeping Your RV in Tip Top Shape: 5 Items That Need Regular Maintenance – RV Service in South Florida

Your RV is your home away from home, the place that allows you to see the entire country with no restrictions. But what if your “second home” could also be an investment? With the help of a quality Motorhome Service in Miami, your RV can provide a second income when you’re not using it.

Service Checklist

Camp USA Motorhome Rental works to provide a comprehensive RV rental program for the benefit of owners and renters alike. Owners can rest easy knowing that all new drivers will be trained on the proper use of the RV, while ensuring the vehicle is in the best possible condition. The service department can remove the stress and guesswork by preparing your RV for rental. By utilizing a quality Motorhome Service in Miami, you can expect:

  • Routine maintenance: oil changes, tire quality and rotation, and cooling air conditioning can be checked and serviced before your renters pick up the keys.
  • Damage repairs: acts of nature, accidents, or simple bad luck can damage windshields, engines and generators, and the vehicle’s body. Camp USA can ensure all damage is repaired in a timely manner.
  • Professional detailing to give your renters the five star treatment with a freshly detailed RV, complete with upholstery and external cleanings, and even a fresh coat of wax.

 Additional Options

Whether you are renting out your RV, or looking to take your own road trip, you can utilize a Miami Motorhome Service for your needs. Propane is provided on-site, so be sure to stock up before you go. Their store is filled with parts and accessories that fit all makes and models, and their knowledgeable staff is on hand to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Anything that you can’t find can be custom ordered, as well.

Working with a top Motorhome Service in Miami to ensure your RV can be shared with others is a fantastic way to earn extra income between your own road trips. Reach out to Camp USA via their website today to learn more. Fill out the online form or contact Camp USA directly at (954) 520-0075.