When you aren’t using your RV, you could be making money off of it. While you may have every weekend booked during the summer, you can use Camp USA’s consignment program to bring in revenue during the seasons you typically just store your coach. As the premier RV consignment in Palm Beach, we provide all the assistance you need to start earning money with your RV.

Balance Expenses with Income

Owning an RV can be more affordable when you offset your ownership expenses with consignment revenue. RV expenses typically include insurance, maintenance fees or storage costs for those months when you aren’t going on trips. By enrolling in our Palm Beach RV Consignment program, renting your rig can pay these expenses. Renters pay a cost for the use of the unit, but they also pay a security deposit. Our program handles all of these details, leaving you to bring in the money.
Retain Ownership with Extra Benefits

The best part about our consignment program is your ability to be in control of your RV even though it is being rented out. You are still responsible for preventive maintenance and commercial insurance that covers rental liabilities, but Camp USA provides amenities of linens, towels, and utensils for renters. Our program also handles the interior and exterior cleaning needs, including the thorough cleansing and sanitation of the holding tank. As the RV owner, you are able to schedule periods when you plan to use the RV.

Earn Extra Money

Renting out an RV that you would ordinarily keep in storage can bring in a sizable extra income. With the program for RV consignment in Palm Beach, you receive a check each month for rental income accrued, as well as a statement of the rentals that took place. You can use your funds to invest in upgrades, pay for the insurance or take your own vacation.

Make Plans for the Future

Ready to offset your RV expenses and earn some extra cash on the side? Contact Camp USA at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information about our consignment program.