RV Rental Perks and Tips for the Ultimate Tailgating Experience!

The Homestead Miami Speedway is your local NASCAR hotspot. The Speedway has more than just NASCAR with motorcycle races, exotic auto racing and several racing associations who choose to make Homestead their home. Whatever racing scene makes your heart drum with excitement, Miami RV rentals with Camp USA make the experience even more thrilling.

Types of Rentals Available

RVs provide renters with sleeping quarters, a kitchen, bathroom and hangout spot often for less than the cost of a hotel miles away. Sleeping right next to the track enables you to be in the thick of things whenever you want. A variety of Miami RV rentals are available through Camp USA including:

  • Class A Gas Units
  • Class A Luxury Diesel Units
  • Class C Units

Races to See in Miami

Homestead Miami Speedway offers racing enthusiasts a variety of racing experiences. CCS Racing is for motorcycle speed racing available February 9-10 and April 27-28. Fast Lane Friday happens the first Friday of every month to get a taste of NASCAR. The 2019 Ford EcoBoost 400 is the NASCAR championship to see this year, scheduled for Nov 16-18. For the big race, plan ahead and book both the RV and then your spot outside the speedway.

Easy Access to the Speedway

Being right by the speedway, you never miss a race, a fight in the pit or a chance to catch up with race fans. RV campsites are available with or without a reservation. An RV provides the ideal spot to catch a nap after a late night without going far. Or prepare snacks, grab a beer with “neighbors” and talk about the latest race.

Camp USA is the place for Miami RV Rentals. We have what you need to get the most out of your racing experience. Give us a call at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form to plan your next trip to the Homestead Miami Speedway.