2017 Race Season Will Be Upon Us In No Time

Are you considering attending the Daytona 500 this year? It’s easy to understand why hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts flock annually to this exciting, 500-mile-long Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series motor race. This fun family event has a lot to offer people of all ages, making it a wonderful destination when considering RV rentals in Miami.

If you have not attended Daytona 500 before, it’s important to take into consideration just how busy the Daytona, Florida, area gets during this time! Many hotels in and around Daytona sell out during race days, while others become prohibitively expensive. One fantastic way to avoid all of the hassles, crowds, and “no vacancy” signs is to simply bring your own home with you wherever you wish to roam. Rent an RV with Camp USA!

Why Rent From Us?

Camp USA RV Rentals in Miami are the perfect alternative to dealing with hotels:

  1. Selection. We proudly offer one of the most extensive, high quality fleets of RVs around. No matter what features you might want or need in an RV, we are sure to have the perfect model for you.
  2. Budget options. We have it all: from large and super-luxurious Class A models, to smaller, more budget-conscious Class C models, and everything in-between.
  3. Service. In the unlikely event you hit a bump in the road, we have 24/7 roadside assistance and always-on-call RV technicians.

New to RVing?

Are you worried that learning to drive an RV will be too challenging or stressful for you to tackle without any prior experience? Don’t worry—Camp USA ensures each new driver feels comfortable behind the wheel before leaving our facility. Our qualified staff will train you on all operations before you hit the road.

Contact Us Ready to explore RV rentals in Miami? We would love to help you make the Daytona 500 a weekend to remember forever! Contact Camp USA today at (954) 520-0075, or submit an online contact form.