Keeping Your RV in Tip Top Shape: 5 Items That Need Regular Maintenance – RV Service in South Florida

Traveling by RV is a rewarding experience, but failing to maintain your home on wheels can cut your adventures short. There are many components to keep in mind, including electrical systems, air conditioning and waste tanks just to name a few. While your RV owner’s manual directs you to specific maintenance recommendations for your model, here are five common items to consider when it comes to RV service in South Florida.

Air Conditioning System

A big perk of hauling your accommodations is always having a temperature-controlled space in which to comfortably relax. This is especially important when traveling in the heat of Florida or other hot locales. Ignoring issues or forgoing regular servicing could result in total failure, making your trip pretty uncomfortable.

Your RV Generator

Ignoring a problematic generator not only results in a lack of direct power for small appliances plugged into your RV’s outlets, but it also poses a threat to your health. A running generator produces carbon monoxide, so for safety, one in need of repair shouldn’t be operated until serviced.

Brakes and Tires

Seek RV service in South Florida to ensure all brakes and tires are in working order. The pressure in your tires should be checked regularly, and tires should periodically be rotated and balanced. Having tires and brakes installed in good working order are the first line of defense when it comes to safely operating your vehicle on the road.


Oil, coolant, air, hydraulic and fuel filters should be replaced routinely. Ignoring these result in less efficient operation, the possibility of overheating issues, a rise in fuel inefficiency and a number of other costly conundrums.

Don’t Forget About Oil Changes

Having your RV’s oil changed regularly helps to keep sludgy build-up from forming in the engine. Neglecting this important need could result in serious or catastrophic damage that requires thousands of dollars to repair.

Ensure your RV operates on the road for years to come by keeping up on its regular maintenance and addressing issues as they arise. Turn to the service department at CAMP USA for reliable and quality RV service in South Florida. Call (954) 275-9255 to schedule an appointment before your next big adventure. For convenience, you can also fill out our online contact form.