Over the past few years, RV sales have been climbing. In 2020, sales exploded. And finding a place to store your camper, in Florida can be expensive. Even if you can store your motorhome for free, letting your RV sit idle could make you miss out on an amazing business opportunity. Why not consider making money through Camp USA’s South Florida RV consignment program?

The Growing Market

News agencies all across America are talking about how many people have taken to the road in RVs. People feel less safe flying in planes and staying in hotels, so RVs have become the new favorite way to travel. Manufacturers and dealerships can hardly keep RVs on the lot and most RV parks are open and welcoming visitors.

The Opportunity

If you decide to rent out your RV, there is a great RV consignment program available in South Florida. You could choose to do it independently, but then you would be responsible for marketing, reservation management, cleaning, and storage when not in use. If you choose a South Florida RV consignment program like Camp USA, then you can play a more passive role in making extra income.

The Details

We provide one of the best programs for RV Consignment in South Florida. You can rely on us to handle all of the following:

  • Providing towels, bed linens and other related items
  • Cleaning the exterior and interior
  • Sanitizing and emptying tanks between renters
  • Marketing the coach to rental to customers
  • Managing the reservations
  • Complimentary RV storage
  • 50/50 base revenue sharing

Owners are responsible for commercial insurance and the cost of maintenance, but Camp USA handles everything else. Our South Florida RV Consignment program also requires a Coach Guard membership, which only costs about $250 per year.

We rent out our units at prices ranging from $235 to $600 per day. Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on your share of the profits? If you own an RV that’s 5 years old or newer, check out our consignment program web page for more information. Then feel free to call us at 954-520-0075 with any questions, or fill out our convenient online contact form. We’d love to welcome you to the Camp USA family!