If you own an RV, consider joining Camp USA’s RV Rental Program in Fort Lauderdale. This unique opportunity is a great way to make money when you’re not using your motorhome. Here are some of the program’s advantages for you to consider.

Expert Customer Service
When you join Camp USA’s RV rental program, you’re in the hands of experienced industry professionals. In the business of renting privately owned motor homes since 1999, the Pompano Beach-based company provides the following services to RV owners like you:

• Renter screening, check-in and -out, and damage charges
• Marketing and sales
• Periodic maintenance
• Cleaning

Interior and Exterior Cleaning
Camp USA takes care of cleaning your unit’s interior and exterior and emptying and sanitizing its holding tanks after each renter. The company also provides bed linens, towels and kitchen utensils to meet renters’ needs. Further, it enforces a no-smoking policy with a rental contract addendum and a $1000 fine.

Personal-Use Scheduling
Enrolling your unit in the RV rental program in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t mean you can never use it! Camp USA invites you to schedule in advance the times that you wish you use your RV. As you might expect, the company asks all owners to leave the holidays free for renters since those are high revenue earning periods.

50/50 Revenues
Camp USA splits revenues 50/50 with RV owners. These revenues are calculated from the base rental amount of their unit and do not include additional amenities such as grills, chairs and cleaning charges. Each owner receives a monthly revenue reconciliation and a check payment for the previous month’s activity.

With these advantages in mind, would you consider adding your RV to the Camp USA rental fleet? If your answer is “Yes,” learn more about the company’s Fort Lauderdale RV rental program. Contact Camp USA at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information.