Thanks to increased interest in the RV lifestyle and advances in technology and design, there are many ways that RV owners can upgrade their rig with help from Camp USA RV service in South Florida. From replacing your outdoor awnings to installing new viewing screens, here are three ways you can transform your RV.

1. Awnings
Manual or power awnings allow you to create a comfortable outdoor living space that protects you from rain and sun, no matter where you go. Vinyl and acrylic are among the most popular awning materials on the market. Acrylic’s breathability makes it a particularly great choice, thanks to its quick-drying nature. Go with a bright color such as turquoise or orange to make your RV stand out, or choose a neutral hue if you’d prefer it to blend in.

2. In-Motion Satellite
If keeping up with your favorite TV shows or sports team is critical while you’re on the road, talk to a provider of RV service in South Florida about installing an in-motion satellite. Adding an in-motion satellite antenna to your rig allows you to receive satellite TV and Internet service that keeps you dialed in and connected while you’re on the move. Antennae are available from a variety of manufacturers at a range of price points.

3. Indoor & Outdoor Viewing Screens
Invest in viewing screens for the ultimate experience in home-comfort luxury! After all, what’s the point of having satellite service without a great screen? Whether you choose an LCD or LED option, look for a screen that fits your indoor or outdoor living space, a high-resolution display with a wide array of colors, quality sound, HDMI-, USB- and AC/DC-compatibility, and SMART TV capabilities.

These three upgrade ideas and many more can make your travel experience more convenient and fun. To learn more from South Florida RV service experts about how to upgrade your RV, contact Camp USA at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information.