Tips to Help You Choose the Very Best RV Rental in Miami

Few travel options give you the freedom to explore like RV-ing. Instead of buying expensive plane tickets, eating out every night and being stuck at the same resort, an RV Rental Company in Fort Lauderdale can help get you on the road to truly experience local or faraway wonders. But, like with any vacation, knowing what to budget for can help ease the stress.


Renting provides a hassle-free option for people who infrequently RV. Owning an RV requires significant additional costs such as maintenance, storage fees, licensing and full-time insurance. Renting eliminates these worries. A professional company maintains its fleet in pristine condition, ensuring you can count on safe travels.

Rental costs will vary based on the RV model, length of use and miles traveled. Luckily, a Rental Company in Fort Lauderdale maintains a fleet of certified RVs including Class As, Class Bs and Class Cs that fit any budget and family. Rental costs typically start at $245 per night.


Since gas prices fluctuate, it’s important to have a general idea of how far you will travel and round up when planning a gas budget. Ask the rental company for the gas mileage on your specific rental to further assist in budgeting. This will keep you moving without surprise expenses.


Campground costs vary across the U.S. and even within a state. They are typically within a range of $20 to $50. These costs help the campground maintain its property and associated expenses.


RV’ing helps ease the food budget. Instead of having to eat out for every meal, you can plan meals ahead of time and cook them at your campsite. While it’s still fun to go out, it’s nice to know your vacation eating expenses can be similar to eating at home. No matter where you want the road to take you, count on an RV Rental Company in Fort Lauderdale to help get you there. Contact CAMP USA today at (954) 520-0075 or to fill out the online contact form visit