Camp USA Road Trip: South Florida, Everglades and Florida Keys

Florida is known for its’ summer destinations. Orlando is home to magical Disney World, and Daytona houses some of the greatest Nascar races in the circut, but we can’t forget about all of the locations Southern Florida has to offer.

Now is the time to solidify your summer RV trip, and we have a few must see Florida “hot spots” that will make for a picturesque and active vacation.

RV Summer Hot Spot: Florida Everglades

RV travelers know that the Everglades are the go-to vacation spot for nature enthusiasts. The Everglades National Park offers 38 miles of natural habitats in the form of sawgrass marshes, fire-shaped pinelands and extensive mangroves. With campgrounds on Florida Bay, the Everglades provide the ultimate location to park your RV and enjoy the great outdoors.

Top 3 Everglade Must Sees in Your RV

#1 Anhinga Trail
For an up close nature walk, the Anhinga Trail is the place to go. The boardwalk trail takes hikers past the largest living mahogany tree in the US, and allows you to walk beside some of the Everglades most well known tenants. Alligators and egret nests are just a few of the wildlife residents that can be seen on the Anhinga Trail, and for those who like to take in the sites from a distance can trek down to the observation deck which allows for an incredible view just off of the main path.

#2 Shark Valley
Heading to the northern entrance of the Everglades National Park will lead you to the best panoramic views available. On top of the 65ft. observation tower, you and your family will be able to watch wading birds and bathing alligators from greater heights. If you are looking to move a little faster, be sure to pack your bikes in your RV and spend some time on the trail with bike ride along the marsh that should only take you a little over two hours. Make sure to stop and enjoy the surroundings before heading back to camp.

#3 Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
The last stop on your Everglades tour should be the 13,000 acres of wetlands and cypress swamp. The protected area is a true depiction of the wildlife available in South Florida. The most well known facet of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is the boardwalk trail that leads through green woodlands that are home to a few 500 year old cypress swamps and one of the few places to see a blooming ghost orchid. Since it is your RV trip you can take on the sanctuary at your own leisure or even participate in a guided night hike before retiring to your RV which can be parked close to the action.

RV Summer Hotspot: Florida Keys

The Florida Keys known for its’ incredible Cuban culture and blue waters, makes it the second stop on your RV “hot spot” checklist. Although taking in the local sites and food will keep you busy, there are a few gems that will make your summer RV vacation one to remember.

Top 3 Florida Keys Must Sees in Your RV

#1 Key Largo
The Florida Keys islands are an extensive bunch. Spanning over 110 miles connected by bridges you can island hop without having to travel by boat. Take your RV straight to Key Largo and indulge in some of the best diving and snorkeling the keys has to offer. The most well known attraction in the area is the John Pennekamp State Park, where you can park your RV and dive through the vibrant coral reef or guided trips to local sunken wreckage. The option of diving by day and camping by night is what makes Key Largo so appealing to RV enthusiasts.

#2 Dry Tourtougas National Park
Although only accessible by boat or plane, we would highly recommended parking your RV to explore the 100 miles of open water and islands of Tourtougas National Park. A few unforgettable areas to frequent is the world famous Fort Jefferson and of course the vast reefs available for exploration. Dry Tourtougas National Park is definitely a spot for travelers with a sense of adventure and a love for the open sea.

#3 Ernest Hemingway House
As culture spans across Key West, it is no surprise that some of histories most notable writers and musicians had found residence there. The Ernest Hemingway House is for the history buffs in your travel group. Along with a museum tour you will be taken through Hemingway’s former residence, and see where the famous literary wrote some of his best-known pieces. Today the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition is held on site and remains a staple in Key West history, and is a perfect stop to wind down your summer RV road trip.

One of the greatest benefits to RV travel is the ability to get up and go at your own pace. The Everglades and The Keys offer various activities that give your travel companions a glimpse into the wild life and culture of South Florida. We know where Camp USA will be heading this summer for some of the best hiking and diving experiences, where will you be?

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