Top Three Florida RV Destinations!

Renting an RV from Camp USA opens up so many travel opportunities. Florida is home to some of the best RV destinations for beach lovers, fishers and the adventurers. As RV enthusiasts we know where to go with our units and want to share our top three Florida RV musts!

#1 The Keys: Calling All History Buffs!

If you like to bask in the sunlight while sport fishing in some of Florida’s most beautiful waters, then the Florida Keys is your go to destination. Home to numerous RV campgrounds and Long Key State Park, there is no shortage of RV offerings.

The Keys are known for their perfect climate, culture, architecture in the form of mansions and tin-roof homes and of course their former famous residents such as Hemingway, Frost, Jimmy Buffet and more. The history of the keys is an appealing aspect to many travelers and is a great destination for those looking for more than an outdoors travel stop.

#2 The Everglades: Calling All Adventurists!

We have all heard of the everglades, home to the largest subtropical wilderness in the US, but did you know it is also one of the top RV destinations in Florida? When we think of the Everglades, airboat tours come to mind, but that is just one of the many opportunities the 1.5 Million acres that the Everglades National Park has to offer.

With the vast land and options for “Front” or “Backcountry” campgrounds, the Everglades makes for an RV adventure unlike any other. Featuring incredible hiking trails, boat tours and a glimpse at an extensive eco-system with plants and animals unlike any in the world.

#3 The Panhandle: Calling All Beach Bunnies!

The Panhandle houses some of the best beaches in the United States; Floridian’s may even argue the world. If you have ever traveled to Destin then you might have to agree. Known for their stunning family friendly beaches the panhandle is the perfect travel spot for your RV trip.
Campgrounds are not scarce near the Rocky Bayou State Park, which has some great kayaking/canoe areas, and lets not forget about St. Andrews or Topsail Hill for some warm Florida hospitality.

There we have it, our top three RV destinations in the great state of Florida. Our qualified team at Camp USA can provide you with all of your RV rental or maintenance requirements.

So, lets start your adventure today with Camp USA!

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