An RV can be your home away from home, your favorite vacation spot, and your most expensive toy, so it makes sense that you want to take care of this multi-purpose investment. Thanks to Camp USA, you have options for motorhome maintenance in Fort Lauderdale. Here are just a few of the easy ways that Camp USA can keep your RV in great shape.

1. Detailing Services
It can take a lot of time to thoroughly go over every inch of your RV with a scrub brush or waxing cloth. We provide wash and wax detailing for the outside, as well as upholstery and carpet cleaning services.

2. Routine Oil Changes
Changing the oil on time saves money and the overall lifespan of your RV. By simply changing the oil, as recommended by the manufacturer, you can also improve your fuel economy. Old oil or the wrong type can reduce fuel efficiency by one percent, potentially costing you hundreds of extra dollars when driving across the country.

3. Maintenance
Your rig needs TLC to stay looking good and running well, and our team of RV experts at Camp USA makes sure the engine is purring. We can also service the air conditioning to ensure maximum comfort, as well as the in-motion satellite to ensure maximum entertainment.

4. General Maintenance
You can use Camp USA for a number of general repairs or motorhome maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, including windshield replacement or bodywork. You can even fill up your rig with our on-site propane filling service.

Camp USA is your one-stop-shop for Fort Lauderdale motorhome maintenance. Contact us at (954) 520-0075 or fill out the online contact form for more information.