RV Rental Perks and Tips for the Ultimate Tailgating Experience!

Some “purists” note that tailgating is only done right if out of an automotive with a pop up tent and grill, but the RV community knows something they don’t. RV tailgating is the ultimate tailgating experience! For events like the Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, FL or the 12 Hour Race at the Sebring International Raceway, RV enthusiasts are grabbing their rentals and opting for the convenience of camping onsite and enjoying pre-race festivities out of the comforts and luxury of their RV.

The Perks.

One of the biggest misconceptions about RV rentals is that it is the most expensive way to travel. Well, Camp USA is here to set the record straight. During large racing events like the Daytona 500 and Sebring 12 Hour Race, surrounding hotels and lodgings generally increase their prices due to the high demand, costing upwards of a few hundred dollars per night. When traveling with a group or family the cost of hotel rooms can add up fast and with the purchase of race packages, your trip expenses can become overwhelming. RV rentals are quickly becoming the go to travel option, with the ability to house more individuals for less cost, less travel time and in many cases better views of the track.

As if the financial perk isn’t enough, renting an RV to tailgate will have you convinced. The ability to cook and prepare food within the comforts of a kitchen is not how traditional tailgaters would get ready for a meal, but you better believe they want to now. Enjoying fridges, storage space, private bathrooms and shelter from unpredictable Florida weather makes renting an RV for race season an easy choice.

RV Tailgating Tips.

#1 Plan Meals

Ever hear the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”? The way to ruin your tailgating rhythm is to be unprepared with multiple individuals cooking and prepping at the same time. Prep your meals ahead of grill time to avoid the chaos of preparing a meal in a smaller designated space.

To assist with your meal prep, be sure to plan your meals ahead and construct the items you can. This will make the food transition run smoothly and ensure you have all the items needed to produce a meal.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your RV Rental only has so much counter space. Try stackable containers to help keep counters tidy and items in order.
  • If you are keeping items cool remember to kick start your fridges hours before to give it adequate time to cool.
  • If not using fridges, remember to grab ice to keep specified items cold.

#2 Prepare Water Tanks and Bathrooms

Not having to use public restrooms while tailgating is a huge benefit of an RV rental, however you need to make sure your tank is prepared. Before departure, check that your water tank has enough water to cover the bottom of the tank, to avoid running out. Adding enough water into your tank allows the sink to run properly and prevents bathroom clogs. RV bathrooms like home bathrooms need water to run without a hitch.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Using single ply toilet paper is highly recommended. It is easier to break down as opposed to thicker more absorbent options.
  • If you have RV newbie’s on board, let them know which products are to be flushed and which are to be discarded in the trash (ex. baby wipes, paper towels, etc.)

#3 Secure a Space

Depending on the area for events like the Daytona 500, spots could be designated, however within a general RV parking area be sure to get there early for the best space. Research the area beforehand to learn which areas have optimum viewing and if there are particular permits needed.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Be courteous to those around, ask if a spot is empty incase a neighbor has a place saved for the rest of their party.
  • Keep your space clean by having an abundance of trash bags on hand and not letting your area spill out into others.

Do you think you are RV ready to take on the races in Daytona Beach and Sebring, FL? You will be, with the help of Camp USA RV rentals. Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have about your RV, and give any tips for those who haven’t experienced race season in the style of a luxury RV unit!

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  1. Dean
    Dean says:

    Thanks for the tips. We have found that planning is key. As long as you are prepare for the event ahead of time, you can avoid most major issues that tend to creep up. Thanks for sharing with us.


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