Florida’s hurricane season typically runs from June through November, with September traditionally being the month with most storm activity. Prepare for the season by scheduling service for your RV, getting propane refills in Pompano Beach, and stocking your motorhome with dry goods and essential items.

Get Your RV Serviced
If a hurricane or storm cuts power to your home or forces you to evacuate, your fully functioning RV is critical to both your physical and mental comfort. Scheduling your RV for service with Camp USA before hurricane season is a great way to prepare. Whether you need to live or travel in your RV for some time, you have the peace of mind that goes with knowing it’s operating as it should. Camp USA in Pompano Beach offers on-site and premier mobile servicing.

Refill Propane Tanks
Refilling your propane tanks means that you have a way to cook and heat water if a hurricane or storm takes out your electricity source. A near-empty tank can add to the stresses of storm season. Camp USA conveniently provides propane refills in Pompano Beach, just seconds from the Florida Turnpike and West Atlantic Boulevard, with no appointment needed. Put refills on your to-do list and make them part of your annual storm preparations.

Stock Up on Essentials
Stocking your RV is another way to prepare for hurricanes, storms, and other emergency or unexpected situations. You never can tell when you might need to shift your household into it or hit the road. Stock your go-to dry goods, personal products, prescription medications, pet food, and other essentials in easy-access locations or compartments in your RV. Don’t forget to include batteries and lanterns and restock your first aid kit.

Do you want to learn more about getting your RV serviced, schedule an appointment, or Pompano Beach propane refills? Contact Camp USA at 954-520-0075 or fill out the online contact form.