Four RV Tech Upgrades to Invest In – Fort Lauderdale RV Service

Technology is fun. More importantly, though, is that the right technology means more than having a brand new gadget. By upgrading your RV with some cool technological features and working with a company providing superior Fort Lauderdale RV service, you could be looking at an increased profit margin.

Backup Camera

Operating a recreational vehicle isn’t always the easiest for novices. Especially treacherous is backing up, due to the large blind spots and lack of a rearview mirror. However, by installing a backup camera, you open your RV up to more potential renters. Also, you’ll benefit when you have to make those tricky maneuvers to back your RV into its rental spot at the campsite.

Digital Thermostat

Dial thermostats are often imprecise, leaving you adjusting the air conditioning or heat constantly so you can be comfortable. Get rid of that pain and gain extra precision with a digital thermometer. Not only do these devices offer additional control when it comes to adjusting the temperature, but they can also help save money by using your RV’s ventilation system efficiently. With knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale RV service, this nifty upgrade can be done in less than a couple of hours.

Solar Power

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason, so it makes sense to utilize that sunshine to help power your recreational vehicle. Even a few solar panels can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, especially when you or your renters are boon-docking. An RV service in Fort Lauderdale can help you realize your RV’s potential green future.


Wi-Fi is almost as essential as brakes and headlights nowadays. Whether it’s to help you get work done while camping in your RV or for a night spent watching your favorite streaming service, Wi-Fi can be that something extra that puts your RV over the top. With a couple of hours, your local Fort Lauderdale RV service experts can help ensure your RV is always on the grid, even when you’re off it.

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