Own an RV? Start Making Money Today with Our Consignment Program

Thanks for your interest in Camp USA as the rental agent for your Motorhome. Camp USA started in 1999 in the RV rental business and have become very successful! We have one location to serve the state of Florida in Pompano Beach. We provide all marketing/sales, storage, cleaning, screening of renters, check in and check out, charges to renters for any damages and programmed supervision for periodic maintenance. Please take a look at our website, you will see some of the best cared for coaches anywhere.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed in any coaches. Each renter signs a rental contract addendum acknowledging a $1,000.00 fine if any evidence of smoking is found. Units require a $1,500.00 security deposit taken from each renter in addition to the actual rental cost.

Owners are responsible for maintenance costs, commercial insurance (covering rentals) and our 24/7 Roadside Assistance Program which runs $250.00 per year and provides for after hours assistance for renters such as finding towing or repair facilities on the road. Insurance is based on the valuation of your unit. The insurance policy includes a $1,000,000 umbrella liability coverage for you, the owner.

Camp USA will provide bed linens, towels, kitchen utensils and etc. and we provide cleaning of interiors and exteriors. We also make certain that holding tanks are empty and sanitized after each renter. Camp USA will market your coach to maximize rental time.

Owners are welcome to schedule in advance times when they would like to use the coach for their own plans. We ask owners to leave the holidays open for rentals because we know that these are especially busy times for earning revenue for both of us. Please see the schedule of holidays on the Owners agreement. If you should absolutely require use on a holiday we will do everything possible to accommodate your wishes.

Revenues are split 50/50 with the owner on the base rental amount of the coach. Additional amenities sometimes ordered by renters such as grills, chairs, delivery, and cleaning charges are not split with the owner.

Each 15th of the month we prepare a revenue reconciliation for the fleet’s owners for the previous month activity. Owners receive their check payment along with a copy of each rental contract for the previous month showing everything about the renter, time on rent, rent charged, etc. Your insurance cost is billed to you directly from the insurance company. They will require a month in advance deposit plus current month.

We would be happy to supply you a sample copy of a monthly statement. We will professionally manage your coach and market it for the maximum rental return possible. Please contact us for further information!