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We strive to be the #1 luxury motor home rental company in Florida, we provide privately owned newer models that are immaculate, we have been in the industry 10+ years. We have locations in Ft Lauderdale and Orlando, we also provide statewide delivery! ASK US ABOUT OUR CONSIGNMENT PROGRAM AND BECOME PART OF OUR FAMILY!


Ask us to help you plan an RV adventure in BRAZIL.

RV's are the most comfortable, convenient, stress-free way to travel, to enjoy the great outdoors, and spend quality time with your family.

Top 10 reasons for renting an RV:

1) It is the best way to get back to the nature.
2) You have the comforts of home.
3) Your family will tend to be closer, sharing a simpler lifestyle and good times.
4) It's great for kids. They can go out to play or take part in campground activities.
5) There are many choices in campgrounds and RV parks, see the US.
6) In an RV you have the flexibility to change locations. It allows you to create your own adventure as you go along your way.
7) Save money by cooking meals, and take advantage of activities and amenities included at the campground.
8) Driving yourself gives you control over where you go and the pace of your travel.
9) You can stop and take a break when you choose.
10) Choosing an RV vacation you might be apt to use your time off as an opportunity to truly relax and unwind.

Climb on board and let us help get your adventure started!!!